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Zug U10 Rugby Squad Triumphs in Wind-Swept Tagerwilen Tournament

Zug U10 Rugby Squad Triumphs in Wind-Swept Tagerwilen Tournament

Thomas Troxler16 Nov 2023 - 20:45
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By Aaron Middleton

In the heart of a blustery day, where the wind sang as fiercely as the sea and the brief dance of rain made us grateful for mere gusts, the Zug U10 Rugby teams - the Whites, Blues, and Stripes - showcased the true spirit of the game. Against this backdrop of Kite-bending gusts, our young warriors, guided by the astute leadership of their coaches, played with hearts as unyielding as the wind itself.

The Zug Whites and Blues faced off in a match that could only be described as an ode to skill and teamwork. Charlie's strategic cross ball kick set the stage for a series of impressive maneuvers. We witnessed Eddie’s cunning with a dummy pass, Jakob’s steadfast catch of a formidable kick, and Hugo’s valiant line break that cut through the wind. Dylan and Thomas's brave leg-pumping line breaks, reminiscent of steady ships braving surging waves, exemplified the courage and resiliency that defines our squad.

In the tussle between the Zug Stripes and Whites, Myles’ triumphant try illuminated the field like a beacon. Paul's cross run try and Lio's diagonal sprint were poetry in motion, weaving through the opposition as seamlessly as wind through leaves. The Stripes' display of six phases and a symphony of offloads was a testament to their unwavering determination, with Conor's long run from full-back carving a path of inspiration.

The game against Tagerwilen saw the Zug Blues rise like a tempest. Emerson's brave tackle, a gust of strength in itself, and Ewald's phenomenal try-stopping effort were noteworthy highlights.

Lio, James, and William scored tries that resonated like thunderclaps of triumph. The day's challenges, with overpowered kicks swaying in the wind's capricious embrace, only added to the memories being written.

Off the field, the unity of the team shone as brightly as on it. Competitors one moment, they were companions the next, sharing hotdogs and stories with the camaraderie that only rugby can forge. Our thanks extend to U12 coach Myles, whose orchestration of the transport was as flawless as a well-executed game plan, and to the haven of Tagerwilen's clubhouse, a windless refuge offering respite with warm food and fresh coffee.

These noted moments were mere snapshots of the day, with many more pivotal moments sadly escaping the speed of one's quill - but they reside in the safe heavens of our shared memories. In closing, a heartfelt appreciation to our coaches, whose guidance is the compass by which our young athletes navigate. This tournament was not just a display of skill, but a celebration of the indomitable spirit of rugby, where the wind's howl was met with laughter, and each gust only strengthened the bond of our Zug U10 family.

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